Thursday, July 10, 2008

My favourites!

These are my current favourite pieces of work.....hope you like them! Let me have your comments!


Anonymous said...

Love the self portrait!!
your work is getting better
each time I look
keep it up all the best
for success, Margaret and Les, Kinross Australia

Anonymous said...

Thanks my lovely Aussie relatives.....I only wish they were 'self portraits!'

Twenty Something said...

Hi Bev! I clicked over from the facebook group you're in.. I love your art! Especially the sketches. Do you have any advice for a painter who is just starting out?

I've tried to get some pieces hung in local coffeehouses, but no luck yet.

My blogger is mostly a personal blog, but my painting website is . Any critiques welcome! Cheers!

Bev Pryor said...

Hi Caitlin
Thanks for your comments, I have sent you a couple of mails via your blogpage.
Kind regards