Wednesday, July 02, 2008

EXHIBITION 28 JUNE 2008 and Blog update!!

We had a steady stream of visitors and some nice feedback. It seemed to be mainly other artists who wanted to chat and exchange ideas etc which was nice. I don't think it helped however that the wrong address for the venue was printed in the local ad mag!!

I did feel a little embarressed about putting 'myself' (as it were) on show! My artwork is a hobby and is still relatively, in my eyes, unpolished. I am finding I really like sketching and drawing these days so hope to concentrate more on this aspect of my art. I have been approached to draw a portrait so am considering this! Watch out for new drawings soon to be posted and please leave any feedback, it is always nice to hear your comments.

I have a few other hobbies in the pipeline and made a tentative start this week with both, one by accident: horseriding! I met a lovely couple whilst out cycling who run a horse sanctuary who let me sit on their beautiful Suffolk Punch; a rare breed and absolutely huge! It was the first time I had sat on a horse and what a magnificent creature he is! He was led around and I had my first ride! The second thing I want to do is learn to play drums and my son, Kevin, had bought me a 'drum lesson' voucher for Mother's Day which I used yesterday, it was absolutely fantastic and I am hoping to make time to continue with lessons in the Autumn!

On a more serious note I have been thinking long and hard about returning to college soon and really fancy furthering my education/career, so I am busy researching my options at the moment!

Anyway there are lots of things in the pipeline but I still want to concentrate on my art - at least I have plenty of food for thought!!

Watch out for more updates coming soon and please feel free to e.mail me or leave a comment.


Greg Briers said...

Hi Bev, joined you AOP group on Facebook today, and put my website address on there, just had a quick look on here, you seem to like sunsets too!! Well done, some nice work.

Greg Briers

BevArt-UK said...

Thanks Greg, sorry I haven't been on the blog for AGES, but am trying to update everything and re ignite my painting passion now. Hope you are still painting too