Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Home - New Paintings!!

My sister, Deb, and her family have recently moved to a new home. They are keen fans of my artwork and have always given me encouragement with my painting.

I am honoured they wanted to 're-home' 8 of my paintings in their new home! - I know they will not go unnoticed there.

Some of the paintings have not been displayed on my 'blogger' previously due to lack of time!

Thanks Deb, Tim, Curt and Em for re-homing these paintings and I wish you all every happiness in your new home.

Storms Approaching!

This painting is a firm favourite of my sister Sandra (who has previously produced some lovely watercolours herself, one is proudly displayed in my home) and her husband who last year upped sticks and moved to a new home.

This painting is now re-homed in their dining room-thanks to them for their encouragement.....

And Sandra...get those brushes out and start painting again, your garden is truly your inspiration!

Tropical Tides!

Tropical Tide was a bit of an experiment trying to create depth in water, as you can see the water on the horizon has captured the turbulence of the sea! The shore, palms and land need some extra work, however I thought this would be a fun painting to include on the site; my son loves this one and has it displayed in his room!

Fantasy Rainbow Walk

Fantasy Rainbow Walk was just a crazy colourful moment of painting using up some leftover colours on my palette! My niece Emily likes this one and now has it hanging in her bedroom! "Walk down the path to rainbow's end while dreaming of your fantasy"!
NB: I was amazed to see trees resembling these 'made up fantasy images' in Majorca!!!!

Beach Cove

Beach Cove: A large oil painting now framed and hanging in my sister's home!