Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Forgot to add this one yesterday....

Pop Art style 'Tulips':

Minus the keyboard 'easel' of course!!!!

October 2012

Well, I really cannot believe a whole year has passed since I added to my blog page!

I have been very busy with a lot of things including my ever growing family; my beautiful grand daughter was born on October 25 2011, Emma Jayne.  Jack is now a lively chatterbox and I babysit regularly as their mum is now back at work; they sure keep me on my toes!  In between times I am busy at home or down at the allotment, which has been a bit sorry for itself this year due to the bad weather, or at work as my days have now changed to full time days, a couple of days a week, instead of 3 part time days, it's great but I have to carefully plan my free day off which usually consists of catching up at home, hence not much time for my hobbies.  The poor old painting and drawing seems to have taken the very back seat but I am trying to revive things!

There have been many other things happening, some happy and some not so happy but it's all part of life's rich tapestry so they say!

Anyway until I have a chance to get back into my art I am posting a few pictures of 'old stuff', from as far back as 2008, which I found in my portfolio whilst clearing my old wardrobe!  Some is unfinished, but mostly they were just fun experimental pieces, photo's not of good quality but I've put them on anyway!