Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog Update

Suddenly there is a lot to do on the painting front as I will be exhibiting 3 paintings at the ELMESTHORPE ARTS AND CRAFTS EXHIBITION 2010, venue: Village Hall and St Mary's Church, Elmesthorpe, date and time: Sat 12 June, 11-5 and Sunday 13 June, 11-4. Come along if you can as there will be many varied styles of art, including pottery, paintings, needlework etc to view with the chance to purchase. Artwork is a great original gift-there are never two items the same when handmade!
Anyway that's my advertising out of the way!!
I have been very busy this month as I have acquired an allotment which has needed a lot of work to get it into shape for late planting, have had lots of help, particularly from my father who has both brains and talent in the garden! Thanks Dad.
Bert has been busy too with the manual work...digging!
I have done my share with digging, planting and 'landscaping'!!
I am pleased to say I have just completed one commission for 'Freddie Mercury' and I have another 3 potential commissions in the pipeline.
Don't forget to leave your comments if you view this site as it's good to get feedback on my artwork.
Thanks for looking.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Ms Hepburn!

Comedy Clowns!

Famous comedy duo; they sure make a lot of fine messes!!

He 'wear's it well'!

Mr Stewart!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

'Just George'

This is a portrait of my grandson, George.

Ms M-Version 2

2nd version of Ms Monroe, this time on a black background.