Saturday, June 23, 2007

On the Coast

This one was a bit of an accidental painting really. I originally started trying to use my acrylics but can't seem to get on with them. I let the background dry and decided to paint with oils on top of the acrylic, the mountains seem to have come out really well!

Days End

Not a very good photo of this one, I will try to get a better quality photo and replace but I wanted to post on the site anyway! There is a lot of glare from the sunlight as this one is still drying in the shed! (aka studio!!)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wedded Bliss!

Newlyweds share a moment together on a deserted beach!!
First attempt at placing 'people' in a painting, it was quite tricky and I hope the close up shows their silhouettes (in their bridal attire!!)

Warm pastel shades - oils on deep edge box canvas.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Studio......yes it's a shed!!

Well after much anticipation the 'studio' is up and running. There's nothing worse than paint all over the carpet so it just had to happen!!

'Bev's Place' is nice and cosy and is a nice little retreat...when I get a chance to get out there!

The last 3 paintings; Mountain Ridge Lake 5, Rocky Point and Tropical Beach have all been produced in the 'shed'.

It needs some cultivation with the plant pots etc. but it's getting there!

Rocky Point

Rolling hills, old spruce, rocky points, water, distant hills and vibrant pastel skies!

Oils on stretched canvas.

Forgotten Island!

The overgrown grasses envelope the 'Forgotten Island' across the sea!
This was just a fun half hour with a set of acrylic paints I was given as a present! The tiny canvas measures just 8x5". Acrylics certainly are different to paint with! Nice but fast drying!
This little canvas sits neatly on a shelf in my 'studio' ('s a shed!)

Tropical Beach

Long spindly palms on a tropical beach in the glow of evening!!!
Oils on stretched canvas.

Mountain Ridge Lake 5

Well here we go again with another Mountain Ridge at number 5!! This just seems to be a popular scene. 3 are re-homed and I think this will be the last one as I fancy a change!! MRL 5 is another 'panoramic' style canvas and is currently for sale at £35 including p&p to UK destinations. Sizes as MRL 4 - pls email any enquiries.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Hi everyone

It's been a long while since I have put any new 'posting's' on the site. There have been many reasons; some nice - some not so nice! However one of the nice one's is my recent holiday to lovely Majorca. It was filled with hot sunny days spent on the beach or by the pool and evenings dining out; yes a lovely relaxing holiday, very much needed, although it already feels like a distant memory!! We are now back in the humdrum reality once again and amongst this madness I hope to retreat to my shed (aka studio!!) very soon and take up my brushes, so watch this space!!
PS - I've decided: I don't like flying!!

Happy hols to all of you in 2007! Can't wait for my next jolly jaunt (in the UK this time!!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Evening Glow

Well, its's been a while since I picked up my brushes so I was a bit nervous when I set up today, but this painting does have a lovely warm autumnal feel about it with it's soft golden glow...hence the name: Evening Glow!
Painting strung and ready to hang.

Monday, April 09, 2007

New challenges!

I have not been painting for a while as I am eagerly awaiting my new 'studio' which comes in the form of an 8x6 garden shed!! I am hoping to 'personalise' this little place and make it my know; pots round the door and all the little home comforts of a chair and easel!! As soon as 'Bev's Place' is up and running I hope to spend considerable time there working on new paintings and once again watch this space!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Home - New Paintings!!

My sister, Deb, and her family have recently moved to a new home. They are keen fans of my artwork and have always given me encouragement with my painting.

I am honoured they wanted to 're-home' 8 of my paintings in their new home! - I know they will not go unnoticed there.

Some of the paintings have not been displayed on my 'blogger' previously due to lack of time!

Thanks Deb, Tim, Curt and Em for re-homing these paintings and I wish you all every happiness in your new home.

Storms Approaching!

This painting is a firm favourite of my sister Sandra (who has previously produced some lovely watercolours herself, one is proudly displayed in my home) and her husband who last year upped sticks and moved to a new home.

This painting is now re-homed in their dining room-thanks to them for their encouragement.....

And Sandra...get those brushes out and start painting again, your garden is truly your inspiration!

Tropical Tides!

Tropical Tide was a bit of an experiment trying to create depth in water, as you can see the water on the horizon has captured the turbulence of the sea! The shore, palms and land need some extra work, however I thought this would be a fun painting to include on the site; my son loves this one and has it displayed in his room!

Fantasy Rainbow Walk

Fantasy Rainbow Walk was just a crazy colourful moment of painting using up some leftover colours on my palette! My niece Emily likes this one and now has it hanging in her bedroom! "Walk down the path to rainbow's end while dreaming of your fantasy"!
NB: I was amazed to see trees resembling these 'made up fantasy images' in Majorca!!!!

Beach Cove

Beach Cove: A large oil painting now framed and hanging in my sister's home!