Sunday, March 11, 2007

Storms Approaching!

This painting is a firm favourite of my sister Sandra (who has previously produced some lovely watercolours herself, one is proudly displayed in my home) and her husband who last year upped sticks and moved to a new home.

This painting is now re-homed in their dining room-thanks to them for their encouragement.....

And Sandra...get those brushes out and start painting again, your garden is truly your inspiration!


Trine said...

That boat is so cute, that together with those birds realy brings life to your painting. I am happy to see that you have continued painting. Will I see you in April at the floral painting at Sue's? Trine

Anonymous said...

I also have a variation of this, I call it Smugglers Cove. It's done in an extended oval and is very similar in feel to yours. Well done on your boat, my first attempt looked like a Viking long boat!!

Catie G