Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blog update

Just been reading through my old posts as it's been a while since I added anything to the blog until recently as my artwork came to a standstill for quite some time, but I am getting back on track with it now and have decided to give the 'pop art' a go. It has mainly been a success so far but still practising with different acrylics and canvases. It's nice to try different painting styles.
It's also great to get positive feedback so don't forget to leave your comments on the page.

Looking back at the blog it was interesting to read the list of things I wanted to do; I tried the horseriding and decided that hobby is for the brave...and the young!! My horse decided to bolt when it heard two others fighting and gave me quite a scare! That was the first and last horseriding lesson for me! The drumming lesson was great but I din't pursue that either! I did apply to Uni and got to the selection day but pulled out as I decided it wasn't for me.
Real good news is that my gorgeous baby grandson, Jack, was born on 22 January this year and I am really enjoying spending time with him.

As for the art: I am hoping to get a selection of 'pop art' pieces together and showing them at an exhibition if possible later in the summer.....lot's of work is needed first though to build my collection and sort out a venue etc. It's not something I have attemped solo before so here's hoping I chase that particular dream!!

Watch out for new post's and please leave your feedback.


patricia said...

Hey Miss secret clever person. All your paintings are a WOW !!!!

Love to see them in real life.

Well done you xxxx

Anonymous said...

ooh thanks Pat....I will bring some down to the lotty x