Thursday, April 03, 2008

Blog update

Hi everyone

Just a few words to update the blog......

My family and I recently had a bracing week away in sunny (yes..I jest!) Filey. Wow, never had snow with my Easter egg before, but there's always a first time!
It sure was freezing in that caravan, we knew it would be but I reckon we just didn't realise how much!

I have recently 'had a bash' at watercolours and am quite pleased with the results. My first painting is entitled 'Tulips' which I will post soon.

I am pleased to say that my enthusiasm for painting seems to be returning at long last. I think I am going to concentrate on watercolours for a while now.

The picture shown on this post was taken from clifftops in Filey on Easter Monday early in the morning after overnight snowfall and I reckon it's a great subject for another painting-it really is beautiful.

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