Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bev's blog update!

Hi all blog viewers!

Well I haven't managed to get brush to canvas for many months now, but I am hoping to get back into the swing of it real soon! My shed is beckoning! I have been attempting to put pencil to canvas instead and it's not as easy as I thought (as the two attempts below will show) but what the heck, it's been fun and that's what life!

I decided after my recent birthday to write (mentally!) a list of goals I would like to achieve before the next milestone birthday; the first is to start horseriding lessons and I am hoping to start real soon, my sister and niece are encouraging me all the is my son, Adam, who bought me some riding boots for Mothers Day to kick start me along the way!! Another unusual and exciting gift I received for Mothers Day was from my son, Kevin; a voucher for my very first drumming lesson! It's something I've always fancied doing, although I am a bit nervous about booking the lesson as I reckon I will get some odd looks when I turn up as I'm not exactly in the first flushes of youth! Still, you gotta keep shocking 'em haven't you! I am really excited about these two impending events! I would also like to write a book and have tentatively started this and registered with an online publisher, it may never happen but I sure will try to make it happen! My mum is a keen childrens story writer so I must get it from her!

Last weekend my husband took me to the Palladium in London to see 'The Sound of Music' which was a birthday surprise and a great day out. I hadn't been to London for several years and really enjoyed the whole train and tube thing and the hustle and bustle of London.

I am both nervous and excited as I have 3 paintings entered into a local exhibition in mid March! I always like to hang around and guage reactions, no matter how much I cringe!! My painting is still in it's very early days but it's good to get totally honest feedback and going along to an exhibition showing your work sure is the best way to achieve that!

Don't forget to contact me with any comments you may have about the blog or the posts on it! It's nice if you are kind but constructive critisism is always helpful!

Roll on summer sunshine!


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