Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slate Mountain View

Slate Mountain View; rocky, hilly mountains where a gentle waterfall cascades through foothills and trees into a tranquil lake...........
A 16"x16" oil painting using the 'wet on wet' technique. Painted over pre-stretched canvas over softwood frame.

Happily re-homed!


Curt said...

Hi Bev.
I'd just like to say a congratulations on becoming the next Bob Ross HEHE.
I love your paintings and i will always be here to give you encouragement. Remember my little saying!? '''You CAN do it, You just DONT BELIEVE IN YOURSELF'''
Love Your Nephew
Curt xxxxxx

BevArt-UK said...

Thanks Curt, I am always happy to receive your positive encouragement xx

Debz said...

An exquisite piece of work...a wonderful mountain could just sit for hours and look...couldn't you?